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M.A.S.D. Public School

  • About School

    M.A.S.D. Public School was incorporated in 1983 with a mission and a visionary dream to dispel the darkness of illiteracy and provide an innovative platform for young children to develop the skills and academic excellence.

  • Our History

    Maharaja Agarsen Shri S.D. Education Society (Sanatan Dharam Education Society) is a non-profit organization that has been a pioneer in the field of education since 1946. For over 63 years, Shri S.D. Education Society has been at the forefront of Quality Education in the state of Haryana.

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    Our Vision

    The motto of the school is “Love & Service.” We aim to provide right opportunity and environment for a harmonious all round development of personality of the students by giving thorough general education and also conserving the cultural heritage of our country.


Why M.A.S.D ?

  • Innovative Study

    An innovative study for school could focus on using technology to enhance learning outcomes

  • Skilled & Caring Staff

    Having a skilled and caring staff is essential for creating a positive and nurturing learning environment in schools

  • Good Environment

    Creating a good environment for schools involves designing a physical and social space that is conducive to learning, growth, and well-being

  • Co-Curricular Activities

    Co-curricular activities can help students to discover their passions and talents, which can lead to further academic and career opportunities

Our Pre-School

Leader in early
childhood care and

We foster a highly positive environment where our young learners are nurtured to learn and grow. We encourage learning through play and creative thinking, ensuring that our little ones thrive in an atmosphere of care and happiness, allowing them to blossom into confident individuals.

  • Safety First

  • Healthy Meals

  • Active Learning

  • Expert Teachers

Indoor-Outdoor Games

Rise to the challenge on the field
In the classroom, and in life

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